Whether it's a news release a brochure or an online magazine, Pittman & Associates can tailor a creative solution for you.

The services we provide begin with strategic counsel - understanding the issues, establishing goals, identifying target audiences, and creating compelling messages. Then we determine ways to reach those targets effectively, implementing our plans and obtaining quantifiable results.

One the public relations side, our communications services include strategic planning, copy writing for all media, media relations and investor relations. We can bring to bear the most effective editorial tools, ranging from pitch letters, fact sheets, and message points to electronic news releases, bylined articles, speeches and much more.

The firm is prepared to act as our client's news bureau - implementing a thorough media outreach plan, fielding and responding to media inquiries and providing media follow-up services.

Coupling public relations capabilities with our ready access to a stable of a creative resources from advertising and publications writers and designers to researchers, media planners, and e-commerce professionals, P&A can assemble the right team of experts to effectively and cost-efficiently meet your needs.